How to file for disability benefits

    1. How do I begin the process of filing a claim for Disability benefits?

If you are disabled and expect to be unable to work for more than 15 consecutive days, please contact Myers-Stevens & Toohey at (800) 827-4695 to begin the claim process.

    1. How does the claim process work?

Complete the Disability claim form which includes the Employer Statement, the Employee Statement and the Attending Physician Statement. The Employer Statement can only be completed when you have stopped working and earning your normal full salary. Once these forms are completed and returned to Myers-Stevens & Toohey they will then forward them to the IBT claims office.

    1. When should I submit my claim for Disability benefits?

Written notice of a claim must be provided to us within 90 days after the date you claim you became disabled, or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible but no later than 1 year and 90 days after you are unable to work.

(Important: To assist us in the timely processing of your Disability claim we strongly recommend that you submit your claim no later than six months after you stop working)

    1. How long until I know whether my claim is approved?

This varies per claim depending on the complexity of your condition. Providing supporting medical records including diagnostics with your application may expedite the process. Note: Even after your claim has been approved, benefit payments may not start right away. The IBT claims office must determine the benefit amount payable which is contingent on the IBT claims office’s receipt of information relating to your earnings, Deductible Income and other information required by the Disability Plan. If your claim is denied, a written notice will be provided no later than 45 days after your claim was received, subject to extensions under applicable law.