Exciting News!

The Insurance and Benefits Trust of PORAC (IBT of PORAC) is excited to offer an opportunity to increase your life insurance coverage by as much as $250,000.

We are also making available matching Accidental Death and $10,000 Dependent Life Coverage.

In most cases all you need to do to qualify is answer an abbreviated set of health questions satisfactorily to the insurer. This means No Blood Work, No Multi-page Health Questionnaire or Physical Exam. If you do not answer the initial health questions satisfactorily additional underwriting may be required.

Rates are affordable, as an example: A 35 year old (non-tobacco user) purchases $250,000 IBT of PORAC 10 Year Group Level Term coverage. The COST is only $11.50 per month!

Enrollment is Easy: Simply click and print out the attached brochure and application. Once you have completed the application just follow the directions and return it to Myers-Stevens & Toohey.

Need More than $250,000? The IBT of PORAC offers up to $1,000,000 of term life insurance coverage; additional application is required.

Regarding any questions, please contact the IBT of PORAC's Administrator, Myers-Stevens & Toohey at (800) 827-4695 or Emily Craig (ecraig@myers-stevens.com)

"Insurance is provided by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, Policy Form LP00GP."